Vehicle electronics have all sorts of different purposes and applications with a wide range of products already on the market. However, sometimes applications are so specific that even the market has no offerings. Another reason could be to reduce the price by cutting out marketing and branding of bigger companies. Whatever your need is, we can develop your solution.


The body control module (BCM) is the brain of the vehicle's electronics. Most of the comfort systems, lighting systems and infotainment systems communicate with the BCM. Advantage of the BCM is that adding and unlocking features is relatively easy. By reprogramming the BCM a lot of features can be activated. Only downside, these systems use proprietary software. Find more info here


When a vehicle is modified to a state where it does not comply anymore with the manufacterer's homologation or the vehicle is imported from another continent, it will have to be homologated and receive an individual approval. Depending on where the vehicle will be registered, the homologation procedures can vary. Find more info here


The engine control unit (ECU or PCM) controls everything about the engine. By changing certain parameters in the ECU we can increase horsepower, make it more efficient, reduce emissions and even run it on different types of fuels. Find more info here


When importing from a different continent your vehicle might need to undergo some changes in order to make comply with European regulations. This can go from converting the taillights to reprogramming the ECU. At our development center in Belgium and France, we can offer you these services. Find more info here