German Homologation

The German inspection organisations are considered by many countries in the world to be the pinnacle of testing, inspecting and certifying automotive systems, parts and vehicles in general. Since the partnership with GTÜ, AP Engineering can offer various services regarding German homologation. 

AP Engineering’s main focus will be the certification of imported vehicles and modified vehicles. With this service we can provide:

  • Approval of imported vehicles without COC
  • Approval of imported vehicles with salvage title
  • Approval of the RAM 1500 TRX with N1 3,5t weight class
  • Modifying vehicle class M1 to vehicle class N1 for tax deduction
  • Modifying the fuel systems to LPG and E85 (Flex Fuel)

Bespoke projects and projects at scale can be discussed upon request

How it works

Every 3rd Thursday and Friday of every month the vehicles will be inspected. In order to guarantee that the vehicles will pass, we advise our clients to bring the vehicle 1 to 2 weeks before the inspection. Then we have enough time to check the vehicle and make repairs and modifications when necessary. Once the inspection is done and technically the vehicle is approved, we can start preparing the approval documents. Depending on the complexity of the vehicle, the documents can take 1 to 2 weeks to be processed. Once the vehicle has fully been approved we will register the vehicle for a day in Germany. 

What we need from you

For the homologation we need a few documents from the client:

  • Title or export certificate of the vehicle
  • Carfax (if already acquired)
  • European customs clearance (if the vehicle is imported)
  • The vehicle
  • 50% payment