French Homologation

What is homologation

In simple terms, homologation is the granting of approval by an official authority. All vehicles on the road in Europe must comply with certain regulations. When a vehicle is produced for the European market, the approval is done by the manufacturer and the vehicles receive a COC (certificate of conformity). However, when a vehicle is imported from outside Europe, the vehicle is not approved for the European market but for its respectable market. For example, in the United States, the vehicle must comply with FMVSS regulations and in the United Arab Emirates, it complies with GCC regulations. When importing a vehicle from these countries, the vehicle must undergo an individual type approval process. In France, this is called RTI.

How it works

First of all, we have to check if the vehicle complies with European regulations. When we receive the vehicle, we will check whether the lighting systems, mirrors, tires, exhaust are compliant and whether the vehicle is in good mechanical condition. Once we can confirm that the vehicle is ready, we will bring it to UTAC. It is the control institute chosen by the French government where all vehicles for an RTI must pass. At UTAC, the vehicle will be homologated mechanically as well as the sound of the vehicle, the mirrors, the weight, the emissions and the towable weight. Once the vehicle has passed UTAC, we can bring the vehicle to the DREAL. The DREAL is the governing body that checks the vehicle's lighting system and other important parts of the vehicle that must be homologated. When the DREAL has approved the vehicle, we receive the RTI.


Our homologation service starts at €1000 ex VAT. However, the pricing of homologation varies for every vehicle. Does the car have a clean title or a salvage title, are the lights already converted, does it need an exhaust, ...

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