About Us

AP Engineering was founded in 2019 for the development of the exterior lighting conversion sets for major import companies for Dodge and RAM Trucks. Since then, Ap Engineering always has had its main focus on offering various services and products for American vehicles. These days the company is based in Paris but offers services Europe wide and a wide range of products, of which most of them are developed in-house. 

Our Mission

Over the years AP Engineering has gained a lot of experience in the American automotive sector. In the years it has been offering services the company has seen some tremendously terrible work on vehicles and slow processes and this defines its mission. The mission of AP Engineering is to assure the highest quality for the best price. We don’t like scamming our customers. We feel that it’s easily forgotten by the industry that some of these vehicles can cost well into 6 figures and should get the best technology and service available. At AP Engineering, we are very open and honest about our business, as we feel that this is necessary to have the customer understand the importance of what we do and how we do it.