US spec Mustangs have different taillights than the European version. You can recognize a US Mustang easily by its taillights. A US Mustang has red colored glass and a Euro spec Mustang has transparent glass. The most noticeable difference and which causes problems in Europe are the red indicator lights that are combined with the brake lights. This does not comply with EU regulations and will have to be retro fitted.


The conversion of the taillights are based on ECE regulation 48.

Our conversion set covers the following modifications:

- Amber indicator lights in the rear

- Red brake lights

- Depending on your country, integration of the fog light without type approval is allowed and can be added

- Position lights

The taillights are modified with following protection circuits:

- Voltage protection

- Current protection

- ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Protection

- The module has its own electrical circuit. Input wires are only used as signal wires and will not draw any extra current


In order to keep the price as low as possible, we modify the taillights of your US Mustang. In order to have them modified, place an order in the webshop and send the taillights to us. We make the modification and test them for 2 hours on a quality control rig with various tests to guarantee a perfect working order of the taillights. After that the taillights will be sent back to you with further instructions.