When importing a US spec vehicle, the vehicle usually isn’t equipped with a rear fog light. However in Europe this is necessary.

A fog light is easily retrofitted to the vehicle however most people use a switch. The problem is that a toggle switch oftentimes isn’t allowed.

This is why we have developed a electronics circuit. It will protect the electronics of the BCM and the fog light will be toggled by a push button.

With a little bit of knowledge of wiring and electronics, together with the included schematics, the installation should be very straight forward.


The conversion kit is based on all regulations for TÜV.

The conversion set is universal and can be used for evey car, SUV or truck

Our conversion set covers all these modifications:

- Adding a fog light

- Fog light switch only turns on when headlights are on. When you turn headlights off and back on again, the fog light will not light up 

- The module has its own electrical circuit. Input wires are only used as signal wires and will not draw any extra current