One of AP engineering's specialties is ECU tuning. APE can remap factory ECU's as well as standalone ECU's. The main specialty of APE is JDM and USDM. The car brands we have put the most focus into are Honda and Dodge/RAM. We offer our tuning services directly for end clients or for other tuning companies. Our private customers can find what they want via our sister company, The software we use is Alientech.


ECU Tuning is the science of changing parameters in the Engine Control Unit to achieve better performance, cleaner emissions or better fuel economy. In order to do this, a ECU has to be unlocked. Only then can the parameters be changed. There are 3 main ways to connect the ECU to your computer. The easiest is via OBD. Sometimes we need to disconnect the ECU and read our via the pins or even open the ECU and solder the wires directly to the circuit board. After reading out the factory software we can make a new calibration and optimize it until the engine runs perfectly.


When a private customer wants a tune for his car, he can bring the car to us in Malle and we can finish the car in about 2 hours.

For tuning companies who don't have the knowlegde to make their own mappings, we can send our remaps. We sell our remaps for €150 ex VAT for any given car model


Our passion is motorsports, that's why we also want to offer services in this incredible sport. We can remap standalone ECU's as well as tweak a few parameters in stock ECU's.