European navigation

When importing a vehicle from outside of Europe it does not come with European maps and radio signals pre-installed. Your navigation won’t work and your radio will only pick up certain FM signals, but far from all of them. In order to solve this inconvenience, we have an in-house service to update your radio module to European standards. 

We can provide for a lot of car manufacturers, including the big 3 Americans FCA, Ford and GM.
For Ford and GM we have to take the module out and flash the processor directly on the board. This process takes max 1 week. In that time, we can prepare the vehicle so the customer still can use the vehicle, however no comfort settings, radio or navigation will be available.
For FCA vehicles with Uconnect 4C (up until MY 2022), we can crack the module and do the update very quickly in-house. The whole process takes about 1 hour. For Uconnect 5 the module also has to be sent out.